Sunday, March 4

Peter Pan Picked a Perfect Pickle

Depending on where you live, you may not have been affected by the recent Peter Pan peanut butter recall. Up here in the nether regions, anybody who buys this brand had a jar of the affected stuff. I personally had 3 jars. All opened. Partially used. And we all lived.

I'm not so concerned about the recall as I am about the fact that I had 3 open jars of the exact same product. How does that happen? What happened to finishing one jar of something before you open a new one? And who is opening all these jars if it's not me? I'm the main PB & banana sandwich maker around here, so what's up with that? And how did I not even realize we had 3 open jars in the cabinet before Muh Main Man went to check on the serial number of the one jar we thought we had?

Another thing irking me is that in the weeks following the advisory to throw away all the jars of peanut butter beginning with the numbers "2111..." it is totally impossible to find Peter Pan Plus anywhere. The store shelves are completely devoid of any and all Peter Pan varieties - and since I'm a sucker especially for health gimmicks, I've been scouring every other brand to find the "Plus" part with those extra eight essential vitamins. And let me just tell you what - Choosy moms do NOT choose Jiff. In a desperate attempt to curb my sudden peanut butter craving that arose only because I had to throw my jars in the garbage, I resorted to Jiff. It is nothing like Peter Pan Plus. Although I am not generally product loyal, in this instance I suppose I'll be waiting until Peter Pan can get his act together there in Neverland and start supplying me with my jars of Plus once again.

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Debbie said...

I'm not a Jiff kinda gal either. Hope you're up and running efficiently with Peter Pan Plus very soon.

P.S. I don't know if this is going to post, but I'm having one heck of a time getting your site to open the last couple days. I have no idea what's up in cyber space. Also, this post is the only one open at the moment and when I scroll, the rest is all blank. It's probably just me, but I'm trying...

Anonymous said...

I'm very particular about brands when it comes to certain foods so I can completely understand.

If you get real desperate...I'll ship you some! :) ~Jenn Jones

Mary Ellen said...

I have the same problem Debbie is talking about often. One thing I've learned though is to connect to you seperately and not through YAHOO360, it works better that way but I sometime have the same problem still. I just have your blog page saved under my favorites so I can go directly to it.

Hope your PB shows back up on the shelves real soon.

Panda-Mom said... mom and two of my playgroup moms had jars, too....opened and eaten. That is waaaaaaay too close for me!