Monday, December 25

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Will Dasher lead the slay next year? Do you have a magic watch that can stop time or slow it down? Tell dasher hese my favrite. Do you know Tiana M or Erin S? My brother doesn't beleave.

a bealver,
Little Chic

PS. I hope you like your cokies. I left a carot for each reindeer and 1 for you. My favrite animal is a cat. My favrite color is blue.

Dear Little Chic,
I'm fine if Dasher leads next year. I'll tell Dasher, don't worry. Want to know a secret? Dasher's my favorite too. Of course I've got a magic watch. Actually I've got two of them in case one breaks. Tiana and Erin? Yes, I know who they are. Are they friends of yours? I know your brother doesn't believe. That's his choice, I guess. Don't you worry. I love your cookies. Also my reindeer love carrots. My favorite animal is the reindeer obviously, and my favorite color is green. Let me take this time to complement you on your cat. It's so well-behaved. It always walks up and lets me pet her. Her name's Bobcat, right? And your dog's so affectionate and always jumps on me. Her name's Max, right? I love having girls like you in the world, always so nice. I've never had to give you coal.

Your good friend,
Santa Claus

(Santa was helped this year, by his scribe, 10-year-old Brainy Boy who offered to do the honors. Below, you can see "Santa" enjoying this year's selection of cookies and carrots.)

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Debbie said...

Wow Jennifer, that Miss Caroline is pretty amazing and Santa blows me away.

Mary Ellen said...

Great stuff!

janette said...