Friday, December 8

Mind Over Matter

While getting ready to say bedtime prayers Wednesday night, Brainy Boy (10 years old) informed me that he has the ability to control his own dreams. "So how does that work?", I asked. He looked at me like this was something I should totally know already, he nonchalantly explained, "I just use reverse psychology on my subliminal characters." I expressed my doubt reminding him "If that were so, you wouldn't need to come into our bedroom at night when you have a scary dream. You could just write your dream in a different way that wouldn't scare you." Disgusted with my question of his logic he told me "Ma, I only came into your bed back when I was still at the mercy of my brain power."

So there you have it.

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Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I may need his ability, since I had a very scary (?!) dream this night involving a SPA of all things. Don't ask me to explain that! *lol*

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you good luck with the award too, since I'm in the same position as you :-)

We'll have some FUN anyway!

*good luck kick in your butt*

Anonymous said...

I got such a kick out of Brainy Boy's logic, he's Genius!