Wednesday, May 24

"Huncle" Dave

This guy's my uncle. He's 8 years older than me. With my dad being the oldest of 10 kids, my grandma still had kids at home by the time my dad was getting started with life. This guy was my hero when I was growing up--sort of the big brother role, but with a little more novelty than a constant bully and boss hanging around. He certainly did his share of bossing and bullying, but I took it all in stride since I thought he was an incredibly big deal. Since he was the youngest of 10 kids, but older than all the grandkids, he took full advantage and made the best of his position in life.

One aspect of him being more 'mature and world-wise' was that he required treatment of proper respect and authority. Thus, I, and my cousins, were expected to boost his ego by calling him by his rightful name "Huncle". This classy moniker had the unique combination of the relationship (uncle) and his self-proclamation of him being a teenage 'hunk'.

Since growing up, he's been a career army guy, Army Ranger and orthopedic surgeon with the military. He's also a husband to one "Aunt Sue" and dad to 4. He's currently serving in Afghanistan (link to my own bro's post with details) and to me, he's still a big deal.

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meh said...

Oh yes, I remember your "Huncle" Dave when I was a teenager in your home - we all thought he was a hottie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 10 kids? Oh my goodness - what a house full or I guess they were moving some out while making room for more.

It's great having a hero like your "Huncle Dave", someone to look up to and admire. It's also great that he's still a big deal! I really enjoyed this post.

- Debbie Stewart

Peter said...

He is a big deal to me too.
Please thank him for his service to our country when and if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

WOW, he is VERY HUNKIE! What a great picture too!
Do ya think this is who Eric would want to be like when he grows up? I mean, look at that uniform, I can totally see Eric in one of those someday, carrying that machine gun AND protecting our country AND being a brain surgeon at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing as I read this because I sooooo remember that we used to call him "Huncle." I had forgotten that! Even if I am his niece he is quite the hunk of uncle!!! abb

Crystal Breeze said...

Hey Jen,

Great Picture of your Huncle. My brother is in Bagdad.

Mia said...

I have a "huncle" too. My mom comes from a big fam (8 kids) and my uncle is 5 yrs older than me. He's more like big bro he used to make us call him "Uncle Hottie" because of all the girls chasing him in his teen

Paula said...

Prayers and thanks to Huncle. So handsome, brave and stong. Tell him an Air Force brat who's father served in Vietnam says, "hello".

Anonymous said...

Huncle is a cute name. We have a Huncle David too. I always loved him dearly and thought he was the greatest. We also have several hunky cousins, your husband included.
Your Huncle Dave is very impressive and I hope he continues to stay safe.

William said...

Unfortunately, Eric and Caroline's uncle is more of a "Chunkle". :-)