Sunday, October 1

A Stranger Among Us

I have a husband. I'm proud of him for many reasons. He's a great provider, he's the kind of dad every kid wants, and he's just a really nice guy in general. I can tell you though, sometimes all those qualities wrapped up together can make a person weird.

It started out with a sense of boredom. To supplement the excitement one gets being an avionics engineer, Hero Guy decided to try his hand at flying lessons. A few times in the air and he was ready to try sky diving and building a kit plane. A short stint in the Air Force distracted him from those diversions, but he quickly rallied and began to yearn to go to medical school. It was something about the fact that he had always wanted to be a doctor anyway, but his dad thought engineering school would be the smarter option. In any event, by the time we had two wee ones, Hero Guy was a member of the volunteer fire department. Living in the rural area that we do, fires don't regularly break out in numbers the way they would in a big city, so the ambulance/medic option of the department became more attractive. After all, even hillbillies and farmers have heart attacks. Thus began the ultimate quest of excitement, adrenaline rushing, constant action.

After the fire department and the ambulance runs became monotonous, the HAZMAT team called and Hero Guy got yet another thrill in going to schools to learn how to safeguard against weapons of mass destruction, bad things like meth labs and the like. The latest chapter in our (and I do say "our" since somehow we all get roped into the crazy schedule and commitments, not to mention the stories that go along with it all) commitment to mankind is the SWAT team.

Hero Guy recently announced that he had been inducted to the local county SWAT team as their medic. Half the fun is the outfit--I swear. Well, and the fact that he gets to carry a gun and one of those really big shields like used in "David & Goliath". Once the position was a done deal, he began jetting all over town, internetting a zillion sites, to find just the right gear with the swiftest delivery to our house (and you thought I was going to say "at the right price" didn't ya?).

As I said before, I am very proud of the guy I call mine. It would be an understatement to say that he makes a contribution to society. The problem is that eventually he is going to have so many volunteer jobs that he isn't going to have enough waking hours in the day to do the one that pays the bills. Please be on the lookout for a "donation" button on my page if the circumstances get dire and throw a few pennies my way, wouldja?

5 of Your THINKS:

mary ellen said...

On the upside, he can improve his best Dad status even more since he already has this handy dandy Halloween outfit he can dress up in to take them trick-or-treating. You can dress up like an atomic bomb and think of something along those lines for the kids and you'll be the coolest family on the hill!

Rochelle said...

What a cool outfit...I bet it cost a little more than the average Halloween costume & with the bonus thrills he gets out of donating his time to actually use it...I guess it is priceless.

calhounfamily said...

he should write a book or at least have a blog. of course he has no time for such, but perhaps a ghost writer could make it happen.

Panda-Mom said...

He really IS a Hero Guy!!! BTW, you can applaud Google Images for my beautiful yellow leaves. The ones I saw were more like dirty mustard instead of brilliant yellow. Smile. ; )

Serra said...

Well, since he has the outfit down pat, he could dress the kids up as little SWAT team members and have a blast at Halloween.

Seriously--just picture the kids stalking up to the door, rolling from place to place and getting into position before ringing the doorbell. They could say, "SWAT team, Ma'am. Trick or Treat."