Thursday, March 29


Brainy Boy's absolute favorite thing about the newspaper is the editorial cartoons. He has quite the collection of clippings and he was less than thrilled when he learned that we canceled our subscription.

It just turned out that a recent assignment in his Spark class (sort of a gifted program) was to create an editorial cartoon. Below is a picture along with the captions that I could make out. There was some furious erasing going on before I had a chance to write the entire thing, perhaps because he spied me taking the photo ?!

The guy on the left is President Bush who is thinking "These stupid cue cards are all out of order! Don't worry, it'll come to me." The three confused individuals on the right are labeled "Congress" and they have question marks over their heads and the script reads, "...and Congress isn't any better!"

How'd he know that?!

3 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Ha! He really has some talent thereI'm with Brainy Boy....that is one of my favorites parts of the paper too.

Debbie said...

That's funny. Kinda looks like Dubya. I can see Brainy Boy working for the New York Times someday.

Shelly said...

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