Friday, January 5

NAAAY, and then YAAAY

The time of the year has come around again when visiting Health teachers from the middle school come and present the biology lesson about adolescent development and body changes and puberty and on and on and on, to the Intermediate School grades (4,5,6).

This was quite the trial for Brainy Boy last year as he already knew all about the topic and was mortified that a stranger would be coming to talk in public about bodies of all things. Watching the movie requires permission form upon permission form, plus the opportunity for Mom & Dad to preview the movie, but it's your garden variety movie that even I saw when I was in Christian school way back in the 6th grade.

They apparently repeat the movie each year for three years, adding a bit of detail every year until in the final year, in 6th grade, the boys actually watch the GIRLS movie - ugh. Brainy Boy is horrified that he has to suffer this indignity again. As I explain to him, excusing him from the movie would simply give all sorts of opportunities for his friends to fill him in on the details which would be far worse and much less accurate. And we all know he's one for the facts, and only the facts.

On the other end of the spectrum, Little Chic has been asking since the first day of 4th grade when she will be allowed to watch the "Adolescent Development" video. She thought it was highly unfair that Brainy Boy brought his permission slip home already this week, and this will be his second chance to watch it, and she hasn't even gotten to once.

The world is back in order, though. Her form arrived in her Friday folder, and unlike Brainy Boy who asked if I could refrain from signing it, Little Chic shoved it into my hands immediately and ushered it safely back into it's home in her backpack until school time Monday morning.

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Janette said...

My fourth grader came home with the same paper recently and I'm still trying to recover. I'm having a serious reality check that my kids are really growing up!