Tuesday, February 28

A New Day Has Dawned

Brainy Boy walked in from school yesterday and announced "Mom, we saw the adolescent development movie in school today". I'm not sure how he knew it was called this, since I'm sure that is not the title they used at school. However, this is an event that I have been awaiting since a month ago when I got several permission slips asking whether I would allow Brainy Boy to see the "growing up movie" in school. I had taken the opportunity to remind him of a few facts-of-life discussions we'd had and told him that he would eventually see a movie about his body growing and changing. He was horrified to think that a stranger would be openly discussing his private body parts, but it seemed like it never happened. But yesterday apparently was the day.

I tried to pry some details out of him, but all he would say was that it was "disturbing". That's BBoy-speak for "personal, embarassing, private". Brainy Boy is quite the scientist, and after he knows the information, he prefers not to discuss it if it is of a personal nature. Somehow repeating it makes it much worse. Double that with being in the room with 50 other 4th grade boys and talking about your body with a strange male gym teacher from the middle school--it makes it all a little weird. At bedtime, though, I asked him if he had learned anything he didn't know before, and he imparted a few tidbits about growing hair and body parts getting larger.

And then this jewel as we said goodnight....
Him: "Hey, Mom".
Me: "Huh?"
Him: "You know how when somebody wakes up and their bed is wet and you think they've peed the bed?"
Me: "Yeah???"
Him: "That's not pee. That's a wet dream. It's made out of sperm or something."
Me: "Really? Good to know."

Ya'll just wait. It's coming to a boy of yours next.

5 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Eeeeekkkk! May God help you.

Anonymous said...

EEEEEKKK! May God help me! I have two! Boy's that is.

evelyn said...

Ya know what I like about my Eric...he hears it, he thinks it, he speaks it and he's DONE!!! My very first grandchild NEVER...never never ceases to amaze me. How do you improve on perfect? ILU eric...Grammy

Anonymous said...

Oh Gees, I don't have any children of my very own, but we got Kristy when she was 14. I have had some very serious talks with her and Lauren too; however, I've never had to deal with the initial blow of development with my step-children. My very best to all parents as you turn a new leaf.

- Debbie Stewart

Crystal Breeze said...

you have got to be kidding me. I don't think James has watched that yet. At least he hasn't said anything.