Tuesday, January 2

Dear Mr. President:

Dear Mr. President:

Did you know when you canceled mail delivery today that you were going to really goof up my New Year's Resolution this year - the one that involves getting birthday cards to my family members on time? With all due respect, I realize that the death of a president is an important event, but anything that affects me changing my habits is certainly worth a little notice. Did you realize that I almost had to reevaluate my commitment when that particular monkey-wrench was announced on the radio this morning? My resolve is shaky at best, and I'm an all or nothing type of girl. If my first cards of the year don't reach their destination when they are supposed to, especially if it's out of my control, well that's just grounds for exempting me from any and all responsibility--not just for this month, but for the entire duration of birthdays. It's not that I already had the cards or anything - the original plan was to go buy the cards and get them in the mail right afterward - and we need to stick to the plan. In an attempt to extinguish any frustration on my part, I'm just as likely to give up this whole she-bang as to stay with it, so please, no more surprises.

With gratitude for regular service,

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calhounfamily said...

looks like e-cards may be the way for you to meet your self-imposed challenge. albeit impersonal, I am growing more fond of them. with your creative touch you could have singers and dancers wrapping the celebrity in every accolade imaginable.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm with Tim - I love ecards, both getting them and sending them. Of course they are a little difficult to tuck cash or gift cards inside of when one needs to send a gift, but if "just" a card is in order and the person is a faithful emailer I think they are great!

Here's hoping that no one else dies and messes up your mailing schedule. :-)

Debbie said...

I've been trying to get to our PO since Saturday! It was closed Saturday so I got out bright and early yesterday and discovered it was still closed. I'll be making another trip yet again today and hopefully the doors will be open. I'm beginning to feel the PO forgot about the much needed snail mail that we rely on.

I send B-Day cards through the mail and use my Outlook Express to remind me one week early and that helps me keep on track. I like using my Card program to make personalized cards. In my filing cabinet there’s a folder titled Cards and I make up my cards one month or even up to 5 months in advance. At that time the envelope is complete with address and a stamp and ready to go when it's time. I’ve got 4 B-Days this month and am working on getting the rest of those cards made.

DR DAD said...