Monday, January 1

Another One Bites the Dust

That's not really how I think about years gone past, but I do find myself looking forward to what is to come and fresh starts for those things I like to improve. I generally do make a resolution or two, just in the name of progress I suppose. I figure this year I'll give myself a break and not officially declare some big fitness goal--(oh, I am fully pursuing that physical perfection ideal still, har har) but I figure that it's a cop-out to reset the same goal every year for the last 20 years.

My commitments this year are
1) To join my bro in reading the Bible through for the first time ever and,
2) To get all birthday cards/gifts to my family members on or before their actual birthdays this year.

The first goal is one that I've toyed with for a while and with my brother's challenge, got me moving. The second one has been a bane to me for a long time, driving me crazy that I can't get myself to the post office in due time. Since it irks me so much, I'm fixing it at least for 2007. We'll see how it holds--I'll be off to a good start because January holds 4 birthdays.

4 of Your THINKS:

Leigh Gray said...

I love your commitments. I think i might take you up on the last one. I have the normal lose weight, but i wanted another one too. Keeping up with birthdays will be great.

Hope it all goes well. Love your personality that comes across so clearly on your blog!

Leigh Gray

PS - I used to live in Massena, NY up near Potsdam. Ever heard of it?

Rochelle said...

I commend your worthy resolutions. I have the same New Year's resolution as your 1st one...I have never read the Bible cover to cover in a year either & this year our pastor is challenging us to do so.

Amydeanne said...

great goals for the year! I'm already working on #2, and hoping to start #1

Amydeanne said...

btw, love you library thingy on the side! That is really neat!