Monday, December 31


Antique Mommy had this meme and I liked reading hers, so I figured I'd take the easy way out this last day of 2007 and do my version.

Still amazed: that God blessed me by making me a mom.

Still getting used to: the fact that college kids think I'm old.

Still loving: my laptop computer.

Still proud of: having my employer ask me to take a temporary assignment on a permanent basis.

Still not proud of: the way I get grouchy and impatient when my To-Do list gets overwhelming.

Still hoping: that I'll start liking my body the way that it is.

Still worried: about being enough of a Godly influence on my kids to equip them to handle the world they live in.

Still never going to: sky dive.

Still pretending: that I'm going to be a competent digital scrapbooker some day.

Still reading: my Bible through, which I had hoped to finish by the end of 2007.

Still wanting to read: the rest of the C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia.

Still interested in: learning how to use the power tools that fill up our basement workshop.

Still not interested in: taking up the sport of hunting, although the entire rest of my household has done so.

Still looking forward to: camping this summer.

Still not looking forward to: seeing my boy start middle school.

Still failing: to eliminate procrastination from my list of bad habits.

Still grateful for: my sweet husband who builds me up every day.

Still praying: to see my kiddos grow up, find their mates and have a happy family of their own.

Still not believing in: the idea that "you can have it all." At least not all at once.

Still believing in: Jesus.

What are YOU still doing?

7 of Your THINKS:

MotherPie said...

Still not skydiving. That's a good one!

JenLo said...

yeah, that was necessary because my hubby has actually asked me to do this a time or two. Not sure if he's trying to cash in on the life insurance or give me the thrill of my life ;)

Anonymous said...


I am with you on our boys starting Middle School! I am still trying to swallow that one!



Laurie said...

Love this list, Jen! And anytime you want to come out and scrap digitally, my door's open and the coffee's hot! Just give me a call!

Amy B. said...

Well, if you didn't live at the North Pole you could just stop by my house anytime to digiscrap. I don't usually have hot coffee but I'm sure you would make some ;)

Jenn Jones said...

well...all I have to say is...when we run off to do the AR...if it comes down to just might have to skydive! :)

We need to plan a weekend trip with Amy where we bring our crafty stuff and be creative!

Just Me said...

Hi! I drop in but don't always leave comments - but I did love the MEME....but now I'm curious - what the heck is digital scrapbooking?? I barely learned how to do it the old fashion there something I don't know?