Wednesday, December 5

(Don't) Let It Snow

Winter has hit us a bit earlier than usual this year, and yesterday we christened the season with the first snow day off school. Since DogSpot is only eight months old, this was her first experience with piles of the stuff and she doesn't seem to mind it one bit.

DogSpot has also taken full advantage of Muh Main Man's hunting prowess and has fulfilled her dream of smelling a deer's butt. This is something she has always wanted to do but up to this point, has never gotten up her nerve. It was very considerate of the deer to stay completely still so as not to spook Her Wimpiness. DogSpot is freakishly afraid of everything including her own shadow. Of course, all the cold and activity wears on one's furry energy level, so a snooze with Sissie by the fire is always in order once you come back inside.

I have not enjoyed the snow deal as much as the Short People and Muh Main Man. My idea of winter activity is skiing or snowmobiling on the days when your jacket is actually making you too hot. I'm not big on the snow preservation temperatures. I'm also not into bundling. I'm in the minority, though. Muh Main Man has had the snowmobile in action every day, and the Short People have spent hours inviting frostbite to their noses. They are dreaming of the long winter ahead of us, with smiles on their faces. I, on the other hand, have huddled inside watching them all, jacking up the thermostat, pretending that I'm back where I belong. Which is anyplace warmer than here. And dreaming of my flip-flops.

4 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Those EARS! I must say that Dog Spot has a set of spectacular ears on her! Congrats to Main Man for bringing more meat to the table...what a man. & come on Jen...enjoy the white stuff! Some of your southern neighbors would be ecstatic to have an accumulation of the stuff. (ME!)

Debbie said...

I'm thinking how pretty at the moment. Then again, I'm not out frolicking in it either.

Jenn Jones said...

That is such a sweet picture of the me sleeping! I am with you...I like the snow when it is not incredibly cold...and when it is...I prefer to be sleeping cozy in front of the fire!

Laura said...

Love the photo of the little guy sleeping and the puppy using him as a pillow - too cute!