Saturday, December 29

Couldja Give Me a Minute?!.... catch my breath?! While grabbing a few items from the store, I nearly tripped over the Valentines cards and Yellow Peeps they have out for Valentine's and Easter. Good grief, People. Let me get my tree down first.

3 of Your THINKS:

Laurie said...

No Kidding! Rite Aid had all of their CHristmas at 50%off, and moved them to a wee corner while restocking with said Valentines and Peeps! Think we ought to tell them they forgot St. Paddy's Day in there somewhere? Naaahhh, they'll figure it out.

laurie said...

I couldn't believe all the pink merchandise in the store either. Christmas is hardly over and in our case it wasn't over as we waited for my sister and her husband to come in from Arizona. Their truck broke down while out there making it impossible for them to get her by Christmas but they are here now and just in time for Valentines Day it seems!

GodsGirl said...

ITA!! Holiday celebrations seem to have been ramped up to warp speed!!!!
Love your blog! You are hilarious!! Feel free to check out mine at