Thursday, December 6

All Sorts of Gadgety Goodness

There just aren't many things that warm the heart of one like me more than when I get invited to a party dedicated entirely to gadgets. And how much better is it when I can legitimately profess that I ne-e-e-e-d to go because it furthers my never-ending and generally unsuccessful quest to become a domestic goddess. Really it does. Now what man can argue with that? Not Muh Main Man. Or perhaps he's just indulging me.

So I bounced gleefully off to a Pampered Chef party a couple of weeks ago and have been checking my doorknob each and every day for the delivery of the u-tin-suls that are now gracing my kitchen utensil caddy. I just love it that they have their own caddy. Oh, it makes my heart uh-flutter, it does. Now at this time of the year, many a party-goer is looking for gift items for their loved ones who are all cook-ey and bake-ey and all. That is a bit much to ask of me. I get within catalog-view of the loveliness and my wish list just grows ever longer. Unfortunately it is usually for stuff which I will never use. Since I'm not a master chef. Or even a decent cook for that matter. Just ask my son. But I love each and every item, nonetheless. Recently I have curtailed my wild imaginations of becoming Rachel Ray and have kept my order forms to containing everyday items that, if not used for edible material, will do an equally fine job on play-dough or craft projects.

So last night, I did nearly have a conniption and heart-attack rolled into one when I careened into the driveway, late for the 8 o'clock episode of Kid Nation and happened to glance on the kitchen counter. Muh Main Man had failed, I say, failed to tell me in our many text messages back & forth that my dearly beloved utensils had arrived. At long last.

I sacrificed and missed the juvenile cuteness of Kid Nation while I ripped open each package and dreamed of creative ways I am gonna use them. I even thought of a few cooking uses for one or two of them.
So here they are in all their beauty. I'm not even going to tempt you with the useful cuteness of the teeny tiny measuring cup that measures teaspoons. Can you even believe it?! How great is that? I have one more piece that's not shown because it was a spatula that was used to serve lasagna this very night. Proving that even frozen lasagna can feel Pampered when properly served.

7 of Your THINKS:

LindaJo49 said...

Shonna is now selling Pampered Chef so guess who is getting very well pampered now!! Of course, I have loved the ice cream scoop for years! Now, I am accumulating more gadgets! I'm not sure I can be as creative as you though! I'll stay tuned!!

Debbie said...

Just the sound of Rachel Ray from your thoughts to this very page definitely had my ATTENTION! I just LOVE that woman, her personality and the way she cooks too!!! I don't claim to be a chef and am a slave to my cookbooks and gadgets when it comes to cooking a meal. You go girl, and I'll be waiting for your first debut, perhaps Brainy Boy can do the video part for us!!!

Laura said...

ohhhhhh pammmmmperrrrred Chef...LOVE IT! enjoy!

Amy B. said...

I'm sure those utensils feel right at home with your new pots and pans. By the way, what is the brown thing?

maryellenhuff said...

Not only what is the brown thing but what is the thing used for that looks like a spatula made into a paddle wheel!?!?!

I love Pampered Chef too and have yet to buy something that I was dissapointed in - love their products.

Melanie said...

I have several Pampered Chef tools that I just LOVE!!

But, I must know- what is that wooden looking thing?

~christa~ said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ground beef chopper thingy - I don't even know what it is called - I use it all the time though!!

Enjoy ~