Monday, January 8

Practical Gadgets

Everybody knows I'm a gadget geek, but in my enthusiasm I often get saddled with stuff that either doesn't do what it's supposed to or I don't really have a regular, practical use for it. I am regularly consulted by my buds asking whether or not I've tried this or that "As Seen on TV" winner.

I'm proud to say that my new Black & Decker rice steamer hasn't let me down. I've always resorted to Minute Rice, not because I liked it, but because I don't fix rice that often and I didn't have a better way to make sure the real stuff turned out edible. But I've been hearing how great the steamers are, and I do have a liking for authentic Chinese sticky rice and I've been obsessed with stir-fry for some reason lately. So I broke down (okay, let's be honest here, I indulged myself) on my weekly grocery run to Walmart last Friday, especially when I realized I could get one for under $20. I've used it twice since, once with converted white rice and once with brown rice, and I have to say if you make rice more than once in a blue moon, it's a dandy investment. It's right down my alley too, as I was able to plug it in and use it correctly without referring to the directions, in true-to-myself style. (One of the problems with me being a gadget fiend is that I'm not a directions loyalist, and I often end up frustrating myself or breaking something that is essential for functioning).

So guess what's on the menu again this week? But only because I have to try the real stuff, which I don't have in my cabinet yet.

2 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

I used my rice steamer night before last....the rice accompanied my pork & cabbage stew perfectly!
We purchased our in Boston several years ago & lugged it back in the overhead bin on the airplane. (At the time they weren't quite so popular & we couldn't find one in our town) We use ours often!

Debbie said...

I tried posting to this post this morning and was unable to for some reason or another, I'll try again.

Gotta love a gadget gal! The other night while one of those commercials was on, I actually "LOVED" the product. Bobby picked up the phone, dialed the number, got on the phone, talked to the sales person then tried to hand the phone to me. I had this "HUGE" grin on my face as mentally I counted the numbers as he dialed and he came up just one number too short, so I knew he was not speaking with a soul. P.S. Didn’t get the product, nor can I recall what it was.

Don't know what I would have done without my rice cooker in Korea. We bought the sticky rice by the 10 + pound bag as they don't sell rice by the little boxes. I miss that yummy sticky rice.