Tuesday, January 9

Flurry Fury

Although I have been thoroughly enjoying the mild temps in these northern parts, the wee ones have been chomping at the bit for at least enough flakes to make the grass a bit slippery so they can use the sleds. Along with the colder temperature today, we had a few flurries that put a light dusting on the front lawn. The grass was clearly visible through the light powder as were the sled tracks leading down the hill to the bottom of our lawn. It was no wonder that Little Chic came in covered with mud after the feeble attempt to hit the slopes a bit too early.

If my luck holds steady, we are looking at warmer temps again for the weekend, which always puts me in a brighter mood. Cold makes me cranky because I get chilly when I go to the gym in my shorts (like I did today even though the thermometer read 36 on the way there). I don't like to fuss with long pants when I'm just going to be outside only long enough to get in the car and then back out, so I don't bother. For this week, the forecaster is my buddy as long as his predictions hold true and then people won't be looking at me like I'm nuts when I'm breaking the icicles off my bare skin.

4 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

OMG!!! I haven't checked your blog since Coyote Ugly!! You have gotten the bloggin' bug, sister! Your "snow" sounds more like our one day a year that it snows here and we get all excited and close down schools and businesses...HA! I don't think we'll hit a snow day this year. It has been pretty warm.....though the joke in Texas is that the weather is totally unpredictable and we can be surpised by anything. Have fun on the mud slopes! ; )

Debbie said...

I left for my class yesterday in my short sleeves as I knew I'd be inside. However when I had to go outside at the end of class to use the hose and clean my tools, bucket, splash pans exedra, that water was freezing my hands nearly froze. Bobby gets a kick out of me saying "it's freezing” when it's in the low 40's. But I think that’s freezing. We had a low of 34 last night and were supposed to warm up to 63 today, now I can handle that.

Anonymous said...

Right now...I'm the opposite of you...we are praying for snow! We are supposed to take the youth group skiing this weekend and currently the forecast is supposed to be in the 50's and raining...we are now trying to come up with plan b to entertain 38 teenagers! ~ Jenn Jones

Janette said...

I share your dislike for the cold........after seven years here, I still hate the infernal white stuff and the long winter season that goes with it. (It was minus 47 a few days ago, but today the heatwave arrived, blessing us with a balmy 18 degrees.)

Hope you get those warmer temps!