Sunday, January 28

Financial Peace for Junior

Hero Guy and I are taking (me coordinating) a financial seminar at our church through Dave Ramsey. One of the benefits that we've gained through this particular series is the importance of not waiting to teach our kids how to handle their resources until they get their first jobs.

Home is the perfect opportunity to teach the theory of the harder you work, the more you get paid, and our current 'allowance' system has been phased out and a new 'commission' system has been phased in. Upon hearing that this change was going to take place, Little Chic immediately wanted to see her list of assignments, get started, get her pay and then wanted to begin on her brother's list of chores for extra money. Brainy Boy, cleverly seeing that this may involve a bit more effort on his part, immediately proclaimed that he "didn't feel too positive about his allowance situation."

We've always given a bit of a compensation for a few chores well done and we've also insisted on tithing on their fistful of mites. But savings hasn't had much part in it all considering the fact that it already takes Brainy Boy about a month to save for a new hardcover Dilbert book at Barnes & Noble. The times have changed now though, and mom & dad have agreed to do a bit of matching in the savings department so that has sweetened the deal a little.

The whole idea for the adults and kids alike, is based on the envelope system. Hero Guy and I are using "electronic envelopes", the Mvelopes software put out by Crown Financial (which we highly recommend, by the way) but we are starting the kiddos with a coupon organizer labeled with their categories of giving, saving and spending.

I suppose we'll know that we are heading in the right direction if Brainy Boy is able to by his own XBox 360 with his savings rather than asking for it yet again, as a gift. Little Chic has shown quite a flair in the area of savings already, and we are wondering who's tightwad child she is, anyway.

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Barb said...

My daughter Mandy and her fiance just completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course at Fellowship Church here in Grand Junction. The fee for the course was an engagement from Jan, Aaron's mom and Mandy's future mother-in-law.

What a wonderful gift. This course spills over into every single aspect of a family's financial life, including how their children learn to handle money.

Good for you! You just can't go wrong if you follow this plan, in your own finances AND how you teach your children to handle their finances. It's never too soon for them to start learning.

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

Although we have not taken the financial course, Bobby did the same sort of thing with Kristy while she lived with us. She was our little saver and was able to save a substantial amount of money during her summers and even worked part time in HS. Now that she is off to college living in a 'house' instead of the dorm, she is doing so well being responsible with her bills and keeping gas in her tank. She has a part time job which helps to keep her afloat. She relies on Bobby to help with her budget and she sticks to it. We are both so very proud of her.

DEBTective said...

Dollface, I'm big-time proud of you for teaching your tikes how to handle the dough Dave Ramsey's way. Your doing this now will make them better for it later. Way to go, baby! Here's looking at you, and thanks for spreading the debt-free word. And thanks for working for The Man Upstairs.

Anonymous said...

That is great!

Has Brainy Boy or Little Chic read the books about Junior and his adventures with money? Junior might be a tad young for them but they are fun little books. - Jenn Jones

drahcir said...

Congratulations! I found Mvelopes a few months ago and our household budgeting has become a breeze! We even have an envelope for our kids to buy little snacks and toys.

Keep up the great work and remember going into debt is not in HIS plan. Being good stewards of our money is something we need to become good at. Oh, and we highly recommend this - if you need help they do have a 30-day free trial. It takes a little time to set up but well worth it once you do!