Wednesday, January 3

Coyote Ugly

My day started out differently than most - Hero Guy drove Little Chic to school to deliver the completed version of the long house project they have been working on. He did it under the guise of doing me a favor (which I do appreciate) however had I insisted upon doing the delivery myself, his sense of accomplishment would surely have been threatened.

Since I wasn't hauling the wee ones to their destination, I was able to stay in my jammies until way later than I will admit. As I peered out the back window while watching Good Morning America (for the first time all school year, I might add) I noticed a strange dog trotting around in the back yard. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a true-to-life coyote, which even I've never seen (I only get the privilege of seeing them with their tongues hanging out after Hero Guy has done his thing). An emergency call to Hero Guy produced only the confirmation that he won't be sharing my alarm at the safety of our children and pets - he'll be thoroughly enjoying the perceived bragging rights he gets at having something more exotic than a deer sharing our lawn. I'd have posted a pic of the coyote, but #2-I left my camera at the New Years' Eve party we attended and #2-Little Chic's masterpiece is much more impressive.

5 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

That IS impressive - great job Mom and helpers!

Coyote would freak me right out! I am sure the mighty hunter will have him/her taken care of in no time.

Rochelle said...

Wow...what a neat longhouse Little Chic made! Impressive.
I'm sure Big Bad Hunter Man will not be coming home from work late tonight, what with the big game in the front yard & all :)

Debbie said...


One of my favorite creatures around these parts is the road runner. They are really cool.

Panda-Mom said...

Ow-ow-oooooooowwwwwooooooo!!!!!!! (That's supposed to be a howl. I had coyotes around where I grew up and know their sound well.) ; )

Paula said...

Yikes!!! Glad you were safe inside in your jammies. Happy New Year!