Friday, August 4


They did report strong thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. All of the Southern Tier was looking forward to the break in weather since the temperature has been pushing the high-90s. In these parts of the north, air conditioning is rare and central air is unheard of (except for mwah whose is not working correctly at the moment). What they didn't forecast was the marble-sized hail, the temperature dropping 20 degrees and the fact that my 10-year-young roof would be leaking all within 15 minutes.

Generous person that I am, I forced both my children outside to gather a handful of the evidence so I could share with you and plop it into the freezer to show Hero Guy so that he would actually believe me. Only one of my children whimpered something about getting struck by lightening or bonked on the head by an ice ball. I assured him that I would quickly drag him back in the house by his feet if that happened. Five minutes down the road, Hero Guy lost power at work and got the rain, but none of the icy stuff. He declared the hail was quarter-size when he peered at it inside our freezer, but the most accurate description is that it was almost exactly the size and shape of the flat-bottomed glass marbles you decorate vases and fish tanks with. Amazingly, the van didn't get dented, although I would have rathered that than the dripping I heard from the slanted ceiling.

HyperDog, of course, was out on the balcony, yipping wildly at the thunder. MonsterPaws was hiding in the back of the closet. 20 minutes after it started, it stopped and today is sunny, breezy and just downright heavenly.

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Panda-Mom said...

OK~because of you I think that I have to come up with cute names for my family. I laugh each time I read your family "names" including the dogs! BTW~for Central A/C to NOT be the norm is TOTALLY unheard of here. It was only a few years ago that I realized the rest of the country doesn't all have A/C in their cars. Today is about 100 degrees at least. We have seen that NY is getting over the top HOT temps this year. Sounds like y'all are getting all sorts of weather fun. Thanks for the link info. I'll try it out later. I never know with the Mac!

mrsbeaver said...

we didn't get the hail, pretty stiff wind though and you are right I saw the temp. drop 20* in one gust! It was heavenly, we were all standing in the doorway saying "oh, how cool, we haven't felt a fresh breeze like this is least a week!" No a/c here but at least our roof didn't leak! hope it turns out to be an easy fix. Is Hero Guy a Mr. Fix-It too?

Panda-Mom said...

Okey-dokey, I just looked at your fam on your flicker album.....too fun and cute! I also noticed on your profile that you like Alison Krause and some country. Check out my profile and you'll laugh. Do you know Nickle Creek? AK produced their first album and they are sooo awesome! My husband is a minister and LOVES the Potter series so some people think he's evil. HA! He is just a voracious reader and reads everything. We also LOVE Narnia. Is there anything better? NO! Still havin' fun!

Anna Venger said...

We had some out here in DE about 2 weeks ago. A really strange occurrence for us. What a sight!

Anonymous said...

Damon and I were driving to Kopernik to pick up Camron during the storm. I had to pull over! Damon thought the hail was going to come through the windows, that is how big and LOUD it was!
When we left to pick him up, the weather was fine, as soon as we hit Main St. in Endicott...I couldn't see a thing! Scariest storm!
GREAT pix!