Thursday, August 24

Read for the Record

Today the kids and I became famous. Well, not us as people, but we participated in a famous event at least. We went to the local baseball stadium to help set a world record. We are attempting to set a record for the most children reading the same book on the same day. The selection was The Little Engine That Could and we turned out with lots of others to hear our Senator, State Assemblywoman and several other local celebrities take turns reading the book aloud to those in the stadium. There is a higher purpose for the event than just setting a record, as the event is sponsored by Jumpstart on behalf of literacy. But honestly, we really went for something fun to do. We got free books, free lunch, free popsicle and to top it off, a caricature drawn by a childhood buddy of Hero Guy's. He goes by Bon Fed and he's quite the accomplished artist so it was a privilege to have a blast from the past captured for my kids. To book us out, Little Chic and I have our monthly book club tonight, the selection which we have not finished. Did I admit that? We were to read The Horse and His Boy and I protested having extra time to read, saying that we had more than time during the summer. The night has come, and we're not finished and I can only hope we're not the only ones in this boat. We're liking the story, though, so even after the spoiler tonight, we'll finish the whole book. Until something more inspiring comes along, that's what's going on in our neck of the woods. That will be tomorrow, when Brainy Boy sees the foot specialist. See you after toe inspection!

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mary ellen said...

I saw them talking about that this morning on the Today show when I was taking a shower - very cool!

What is wrong with Eric's toe????