Sunday, August 27

I Don't Eat Fungus

"I don't eat fungus" was the answer I got when I offered Hero Guy some sauteed mushrooms this afternoon. From an earlier post, you all know that Brainy Boy is enamored with mushrooms at this point in his life. He has a mushroom field guide that he pores over, and a recent trip to Old Country Buffet reminded him that he absolutely loves mushrooms in any form. He has been bugging me to cook him mushrooms, so I grabbed a pack at the grocery store the other day. Now I like a good mushroom myself, but I don't generally have them on hand, and I don't cook them since Hero Guy and Little Chic gag at the thought.

This afternoon when I was fixing lunch after church, Brainy Boy was really irritated that I hadn't included his mushrooms on the menu. I admitted I had totally forgotten we had them. I promised that after we ate lunch and waited a while, I'd cook them with his help. He woke me from a nap about 4:00 stating that he absoultely could not wait any longer and I had promised we'd cook his mushrooms and he was definintely ready. He generally does not have any interest in helping me cook but I didn't even have to coax him today. He rinsed and I chopped and after butter had melted in the pan, he helped me pile them all in. He sampled them at various states of readiness and ate a huge bowl of nothing but sauteed mushrooms when they were ready!

Meanwhile Hero Guy and Little Chic opened every window, turned on every fan and escaped upstairs to get away from what they called the "gross smell". I will admit that the mushrooms did taste pretty good and will also admit that I have a very weird son.

5 of Your THINKS:

Thad said...

I can handle them if they're on a pizza. Otherwise, I'm in the "Just say no to fungus" club.

Tigersan said...

Me not a big fan of mushrooms... but it sounded like a fun time :). Me knows preparing food with more than one person is way more enjoyable... the food gets to me much faster ;)

mary ellen said...

Yuck - but I'm glad he enjoyed them. You are a good Mom Jen!

Debbie said...

Ahhhh, I sure could go for a dish of sautéed mushrooms myself.

I love mushrooms cooked in foil on the grill. I like adding a pat of butter, salt and pepper before I wrap them up in foil, Yummy!

Brainy Boy sure knows what's good for him!

fin said...

Maybe if you call the shrooms?