Tuesday, August 29

Getting Over Ick

I have had some seriously weird stomach bug since Saturday, which is why blogdom has been so dull without me. I've waffled between a severe headache with nausea and okayness, only to have the misery return sporadically. During a somewhat feeling alright period yesterday, Little Chic convinced me that she had been tortured long enough not being able to pack her new backpack with all the supplies she'll need for school because we didn't have them.

I met two buds for a lunch (which turned out to be a mistake in the stomach arena) and then took Little Chic and Brainy Boy to get their school supplies. Little Chic is the type that packs for a trip the moment it's announced, even if the scheduled date is weeks away. She then constantly dips into the suitcase to get all the needed items, like toothbrush and shoes, that she prematurely has packed up. Luckily we won't be needing to access any of the school supplies until a week from tomorrow, so they should be able to remain packed in the safety of the aqua shoulder bag she chose.

Little Chic was in fine organization form, checking things off her list, keeping them well away from Brainy Boy's so that nothing would get mixed up. She mulled over exactly which package of markers and which pencil box would be just right, while Brainy Boy seemed totally bored with it all. Little Chic has a precise description of everything in her backpack, while Brainy Boy was so disengaged with the process that he will be asking me in the next day or two when we will be buying his school supplies.

The kicker is that as I dashed home to make it to the garbage can, I realized I still have a couple of those outstanding items to get. I always hate that. I like to take the list, wipe it out and get it done. Luckily the remaining items will be easy to come by and we'll be doing that soon, because Little Chic will have ants in her pants until every single miniscule item is accounted for.

So with that, I am feeling a bit more on top of things today and maybe tomorrow we can put the remainder of the list to rest.

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mary ellen said...

I know how you feel, been batteling this since Sat. night and feel the worst tonight. Hope yours is short lived.

Laurie said...

Oh Jen! I hope you are better very very soon! That is awful! If you need some r7r and a place for the kidders to hang out for awhile, give me a call and I can come get them on Wed or Fri!

Anonymous said...

OH man, sorry you still felt awful,even though lunch was fun! THe kids had a blast though. We actually finished shopping too after lunch!
Funny Camron felt like that Friday and was fine Saturday.

Panda-Mom said...

I'm with Little Chic! There is nothing like fresh new supplies. Love it!

Debbie said...

It's no fun being sick like that. I hope you are feeling back to normal very soon.

Way to go Little Chic! I love her book bag and I'm sure all of her supplies are right up to par as well.

Rochelle said...

It seems that the 'ick' is spreading through blogdom. Feel better Jen so that you can fill that backpack of Little Chic's! There is shopping to do!!!

Anonymous said...

my kids back packs have been packed for so long, i think they will have to dust off their supplies before they use them:) as for not feeling well, at least it will pass before the first day of school. i am sure you have some big plans for that day:)
donna s.

Crystal Breeze said...

Hey Jen,

I hope you feel better. I hate school shopping. I can say I got that done like weeks ago before the crowds grew wild at Walmart.

I saw your post on mushrooms. Be careful about those things. We had people eat these kind called, Jack-o-laterns. Look them up and E went you get a chance because they are seriously poisonous. If hero guy ever picks any in the woods don't eat them.

Thad said...

great minds think alike. I was also thinking that your "fungal delight" was the culprit! Hopefully, you are feeling better today.

Kristen said...

Hi- I found you on Technorati!

I think being sick is going around- I keep hearing that people are feeling yucky! We have colds over at our house.