Saturday, August 19

The Best Laid Plans

Personalities are a weird thing. Just when you think you have yourself all figured out, you do something even you can't explain.

Hero Guy and I planned to go to an all-day outdoor concert today, listening to a couple of singers we like (Sherri Keaggy and Scott Kripayne). To make the deal sweeter, the tickets were free. However, due to gloomy weather and an urge to get some stuff done around the house that has been neglected this summer, we decided to forgo the pleasure of the concert.

Due to the glum weather turning downright dreary, much of the work we wanted to do outside had to be put off. Now it would seem that my normally scheduled, list-making self would jump to the conclusion that some inside tasks should be tackled, but alas, I have succumbed to the flaw of the perfectionist--a real dislike for a change in plans. Especially when the change in plans gives me an opportunity get something done that I'd rather not do. Thus today I fell into the mode of "frustrated perfectionist" claiming that if I can't get done what I intended, I just won't do anything at all.

To give myself a wee bit of credit, I will claim that I loaded my pile of books onto the large green boat now residing in my bedroom and I also stocked our refrigerator (even though Hero Guy claims that I'll even use groceries for an excuse to go shopping). I also cooked a proper dinner for my family forgoing the Chinese takeout that I almost ordered. Other than that, today was a bust as far as meaning contributions go.

I did make a fair effort at self-indulgence sitting down to investigate a new hobby I'll be addicted to in short time, I'm sure. My friend, Coffeequeen is going to be my new buddy in digital scrapbooking. I've dabbled in paper scrapbooking and I have pretty much every tool available, but I've found that I'm not the scissors and glue crafty sort. Imagine my surprise when I found that I could use my affinity for the keyboard to create something beautiful out of my pictures! Who knew?

2 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Hey, I can surely say you did a lot more than me today.

The scrapbooking sounds great, wish I did more of that sort of thing myself. It's all I can do to keep our pics organized.

mary ellen said...

Are you creating pages on the computer to print and put into a book? However it works, it sounds interesting.