Wednesday, August 16

Al Dente

Brainy Boy, 10 years old and going into 5th grade, unexpectedly lost a molar last night. It had just started getting loose a couple of days ago and as he was wiggling it, it popped out. Being the cynic that he is, he's never been a big fan of the Tooth Fairy. However he does readily accept any and all prizes that may happen to appear under his pillow the morning following a tooth loss. The only rule at our house is that he has to play along, put the tooth under the pillow and the "Tooth Fairy" will understand that he likes to keep his own teeth and she'll leave a prize and leave the tooth where it is under his pillow. He puts all his teeth in a little 35mm black film canister and keeps it in his treasure box. We've told him that if he's too big to play along, then he's too big to get a prize for the tooth. He always gets a big kick out of using his two fingers to make the "quotation-mark" sign when he talks about the Tooth Fairy in front of his sister, who thinks he is really crazy not to believe.

To make a long story short, following the tooth expulsion at 9pm I quickly instant messaged Hero Guy to run by the gas station and buy some sort of little toy or trinket to stick under Brainy Boy's pillow. When Hero Guy got home, Brainy Boy happened to still be awake. He ran in to Hero Guy asking if anything looked different about him. Hero Guy did the dad-thing and asked if he'd gotten a haircut, grown an inch and lots of other crazy guesses. After revealing the tooth-gap, Brainy Boy said he thought that since he didn't really believe in the Tooth Fairy anyhow, dad could just go ahead and hand over whatever prize he would be getting for the tooth. Hero Guy reminded him that if he didn't believe in the Tooth Fairy, he didn't need to get a present for a useless peice of enamel.

Brainy Boy's response: "Dad, I haven't believed in the Tooth Fairy for years and I always get something for my tooth. So that renders your argument moot. Hand it over!"

In a stupor of vocabulary shock, I nodded to Hero Guy to hand over the plastic cap gun with little red caps.

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mary ellen said...

Funny, funny kid!!

Chelle Y. said...

Smart, smart kid!

My dad told the same thing about "Santa." He does not bring a gift if you stop believing. I will be 38 soon, and I still believe! Haha!

Debbie said...

Brainy Boy is not only smart but his debate makes perfect sense. The older he gets the stronger his debates will be for sure. Gotta love his reasoning!

Anonymous said...

Camron has officially lost all his baby teeth and STILL believes at 10, not that it will get him anywhere now!!!! AND he is getting 12 year molarsm, and wonders if he gets something for that.....he is way ahead of schedule.
Then there is Damon, at 7, who lost his 5th tooth today coming home from the Zoo. We had to pull into a rest area to find it, after he pulled it out, AND we had to stop the bleeding!
He kissed his tooth goodbye before putting it under his pillow and Can't wait for the "Cold hard cash" he is getting!
Then he said "it feels weird to lose teeth, I miss it!"

Laurie said...

Baahahahahhahaha! How the heck are you ever gonna stay one step ahead of this one???!!! Goood Luck!

Rach said...

heehee .. wow, what a vocabulary on that boy of yours. I would have been running for the dictionary. lol

dr_bristow said...

Your boy has quite a vocabulary! I remember as a child always wanting to keep my teeth too, but I actually went so far as to write a letter to the tooth fairy asking her not to take the tooth but still leave the money!