Monday, October 29

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

We had another near-fatality during church yesterday. I discovered it when I got home and saw the insides of one very precious Ty Beanie Baby strewn all over the floor. DogSpot accomplished a near decapitation and I arrived in the nick of time to save the bear's life. This particular Beanie has been a constant companion to Brainy Boy since he was a baby and we call him Snowy. Snowy would also be precious to collectors if he hadn't been so well-loved since it he is actually a rare polar bear named Chilly. Snowy has a fraternal black brother that we call Soot, whose official Ty name is Blackie. Soot is not nearly as sweet to collectors as he is to us. Snowy has been through many traumas with Brainy Boy, even getting his own x-ray when Brainy Boy broke his arm when he was four years old.

Luckily Brainy Boy rode to church with Muh Main Man in the truck so I had time to do a little damage control before he got home and saw the tragedy. I tucked the insides back as best I could and things looked a bit better by the time Brainy Boy got a glance. In true hero form, Muh Main Man assured Brainy Boy that he could repair the damage and he's had a bit of experience in this particular area, if you remember from poor Silver here just a few months back. As you may have guessed DogSpot was the culprit but she didn't act appropriately sorry enough for Brainy Boy's taste. She's in the virtual dog house even as we speak.

Happily, Muh Main Man came to the rescue, did his magic, and Snowy is alive and well. Muh Main Man is getting so good in the needlepoint arena, that I'm going to ask him to make me a ruffled blouse next.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Damage control was a good thing, I'm sure of it! And so happy Yer Main Man came to the rescue once again.

A ruffled blouse? WE WANT LOTS OF PICTURES!!!

Rochelle said...

Yeah....Live on forever Snowy! :)

Melanie said...

Dottie and DogSpot could have such fun together!