Saturday, July 14

Tragedies of the Fixable Kind....Sort Of

DogSpot is not in good graces with the Short People. Last night, when Muh Main Man and I were out, the babysitter and Short People were apparently too engrossed in the TV to pay enough attention to the furry one. So she decided to be a good girl and entertain herself with the most beloved of possessions--Little Chic's precious Silver. The net result was a detached arm, a few lost beads and bleeding stuffing. Brainy Boy, lover of justice, rose to the occasion with righteous indignation and sentenced DogSpot to her crate until Dad came home. He also reflected on how 2007 was the worst year yet since it was the year we adopted DogSpot in the first place.

It took some real discussion about how to best reattach the arm as part of it is now mid-digestion. In true handyman do-it-yourselfer style, Muh Main Man decided to tackle the job and did a pretty swell surgical procedure if he does say so himself.

I had to assure Little Chic that Silver is still happy indeed as long as we all love her the same as we did before. After all, did our affection diminish even one teeny-tiny bit when HyperDog ate one of her eyes out way back when? Of course not! So in the scope of a stuffed lifetime, a shorter arm is simply one more adventure to log in the journal. And it makes for a lot more character in my opinion. That's what we tell people anyway.

2 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Yeah, 'character'...that's it! :)

Debbie said...

"Little Silver must feel like Queen Bee with all that wonderful love and attention."