Friday, August 24

Unique Sculpture

This is what bored children do when their mothers ask them to do a simple task....I just wanted the empty hangers from the closet. But no. Little Chic brings me a masterpiece that she wants to remain as it is. "And please don't take it apart" says she. Um hmmm. I'll get right on finding a place to hang this little decoration front and center. Because I didn't need to actually use those hangers. I was just wanting to admire them.

Time for the Short People to return to school, I say. Doing all the simple tasks myself will be a small price to pay for not hearing complaints that the resident "Activities Director" is slouching on the job. And all you in Blosphere are welcome to send sympathetic comments my way since our children in the nether regions here don't start school until September 5. I used to think all those rejoicing moms were so MEAN to celebrate with breakfast out on the first day of school. Now, are you kidding me? I just needed a little experience under my belt to get that particular piece of wisdom. They'll be so much happier too, with their friends all day. That's what I tell myself anyway. It makes me feel much less like one of those mean moms.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

We enjoy the company of the children when they have breaks from school, but we love, love, love our alone time! Instead of going out to breakfast, we go out for a nice dinner! Nowadays, we're celebrating our empty nest and there's nothing mean about it!

Debbie said...

Oh and what a cool sculpture your Little Chic created. She is so tallented and I dare say she's going to be an artist of sorts one day.

laurie said...

I hear ya!