Thursday, August 9

Some Days Really Stink

My van, which has been a lemon since the day I bought it, has been in the shop since Monday. It has been having engine problems and neither of my front windows will roll down. So we took it in to have it fixed. This is the zillionth thing that has been wrong with it, but the weird thing is, I really like this vehicle. It's a pretty 2002 Patriot Blue Dodge Grand Caravan Sport and the first van I've ever had. And I really liked it. Did I say that?

Anyway, the shop called yesterday and informed us that it'll cost half of what the van is worth so we've decided we've sunk way too much money into it already, so we're gonna get rid of it. Luckily it's paid off, but the bummer is, I was planning on driving this thing till it died, hopefully in, like, four more years. We're headed for another camping trip on Saturday, so we feel a little stressed about sorting things out before we go. Such is life.

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Paula said...

Hope you find a great replacement!