Thursday, August 2

Not a Lonely Only

Brainy Boy, as sweet and sensitive as he is, tends to be the type that likes his alone time. He certainly has his share of friends and is sociable enough, but he never complains about being lonely. Ever. It has crossed my mind a time or two that he would have been a very contented only child. It's not that he doesn't love his sis--he just likes his space. And she likes his space too! So he's actually made out pretty well this week with Little Chic gone, and frankly, I think he's soaking up the quiet. She's the singing, chatting, communicator of the family and we don't have many quiet moments with her around. Sometimes it about drives him buggy. It's certainly never dull when she's here, and I for one, have missed her singing as she combs her hair every morning. And singing while she does her chores. And singing while she plays the computer. And singing while she...well, you get the idea.

We've kept the shopping to a minimum for Brainy Boys' sake and have tried to cater some of our activities more his liking. We've made 2 trips to the library, a couple of lunches out (Brainy Boy adores eating out--he fancies himself a gourmet) and tonight an outdoor movie at the community pool (Night at the Museum).

One bonus of the week alone was that Muh Main Man taught him to ride the Big Bear four-wheeler which certainly would not have happened had Little Chic been here. She would have insisted on her own solo turn and dad's still too protective to allow that with her lighter weight and smaller size (and her need for speed--wonder where she gets that from?). Brainy Boy is much more cautious and rule-keeping than his sister. She's like her dad that way...Brainy Boy profusely thanked his dad for the privilege and assured him that he feels "much more manly now." Seriously, he said that with a completely sincere countenance.

UPDATE: We opted to eat at Friendly's for dinner since it was just the two of us (Muh Main Man had Hazmat training), and then we rented the movie to watch at home. It was a bit to warm and buggy for Brainy Boy to enjoy watching the movie outside. He's a fall and winter kind of kid. I suppose it's a good thing that we camp in the Adirondacks where it is eternally cool at night. But, I digress. The movie was hilarious, and even though it's hard to impress us, we both highly recommend it.

3 of Your THINKS:

Stephen said...

Ah Friendly's! Shannon & I had one of our first "dates" at the Friendly's in Scranton.

Debbie said...

Your kid’s are so neat and the way you described Little Chic reminded me of me (well, not in the singing department, but that was really cute) and how I always had to have my nose into my brother's business. So glad Brainy Boy had such a wonderful week at home soaking in his alone time.

fitline said...

how brave he is? I also used to pass my time in similar manner when i was young