Saturday, August 25

Makin' Friends

Last night was a make-up sleepover. Make-up because it was originally scheduled for the day my van kicked the bucket. And what a sad day that was. I'm not talking about the van, either. The Short People were ready to commit mutiny when I revealed that the sleepover with the friends would have to be postponed. So we rescheduled for last night.

Unfortunately, Brainy Boy's friend wasn't able to make it last night. He has to wait until Monday because of his family's schedule. Quite the debate ensued about why it didn't need to be fair that Little Chic's friend was coming over anyway. In an effort to capitalize on the situation, Brainy Boy thought he should be able to forego doing his chores as a sort of "consolation." I retorted that I should assign him a few extra chores since he isn't busy with his friend especially now that I have to endure two nights of midnight giggles instead of one. He didn't see it my way.

In the middle of Little Chic's sleepover, it dawned on her that she will be friendless on Monday when Brainy Boy's friend arrives. That's. Just. So. Not. Fair. Hmph.

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laurie said...

We had a sleepover planned for Katlyn and her friend decided at 9pm she should really go home to sleep so if she were to wake up in the night, her mom and dad would be there for her. I was glad she decided this at 9pm instead of say, 2am. Her mother came over and Katlyn just packed her things and went over to her friend's house. Here we found, this was her friend's first sleepover. It all worked out as Katlyn was happy she was able to play at her house and then they continued the sleepover at the friends. I was happy because I got some sleep! I had even arranged for Phillip to sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's so he wouldn't bother the girls.