Friday, August 10

Life....Or SOMETHING Like It

Well, the transmission of my van officially died, which put Muh Main Man and me into a tailspin as mine was the paid off car that we were driving till it died. That we did. It's just that we intended for that to be another 100,000 miles. That it wasn't. So of course this happened the week that we are going on our last camping trip and there are lots of supplies to replenish, propane tanks to refill and food to get. And me without a car.

We put ourselves in overdrive and have visited a dozen car places in the last three days, and we have settled on a vehicle. I have to admit that although it wasn't a planned purchase, it is pretty much what I would have chosen had it been. I had to wait the appropriate amount of time and act the correct amount of dismayed before I could jump up and down with glee. This didn't seem to bother Muh Main Man too much. We both figure as long as we're getting something new, we might as well like it.

So, pictures will be posted at a yet undetermined time. We are getting my green 2004 Ford Explorer which has 34,000 miles on it (with the third row seats, I might add) sometime this afternoon. Before we do, I'm packing like a maniac (well, except for this short moment to relay the details) and then I'll be grocery shopping (with my new car!!) So pictures will be posted, but I'm not sure when.

We leave for camping bright and early tomorrow and don't get back until sundown on Thursday. I might pop in to grant you a peek at my new wheels if I have a chance, but if not....Adieu.

2 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

Congrats on the new car! We've been talking about getting a minivan or an SUV ever since Hailey arrived. It's amazing how much space is needed for such a little person!!

Panda-Mom said...

Hey friend! Glad to hear you are getting new wheels! LOVE that you are going fun! Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. Can't wait to see your Bluebird design. We ordered one back in April and are still waiting. She got very busy, I guess. Have fun on the trip!