Saturday, August 4

It's 10 O'clock and All Is Well

Even though I would love to sleep until noon on most Saturdays, it was not difficult to get up this morning. We hopped out of bed and dashed over to see Little Chic do her farewell show at summer camp. She looked happy to have us come watch the show, but didn't seem overly eager to get home. She made us promise to let her return next summer before she agreed to leave the ranch.

She shared her bunk house, South Dakota, with 9 cabin-mates and a counselor, Renee'. I was impressed enough with Renee's ability to keep 9 girls corralled and happy, but it's clear she's not a mother yet. Little Chic informed me that although the minimum shower requirement was three, Little Chic "accidentally" only took two because, well, there just wasn't time. Apparently we need to bone up on some of those adolescent skills that need managing when mom's not around, namely, needing more than 2 showers in a seven day period, preferably one per day.

Little Chic was thrilled to show us her skill at riding her horse, Flash, in the relay races. Flash lived up to his name and flashed right out and brought Little Chic in 3rd place, acquiring her the coveted horse medal. You may notice that Little Chic's hair is not flying behind her in the wind, and that would be because this was a walking relay. It was thrilling nonetheless, I assure you.

Our last part of the tour was viewing the 50-foot Alpine tower that our very small girl climbed. She assured us that there are 30 routes to the top and that she successfully made it all the way up.

This is her dad when he found out she had made it ALL the way to the top.

2 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

It was so good to see pictures and that camp looks like such a wonderful retreat. So glad your Little Chic enjoyed her first summer camp, sounds like she's hooked too.

Melanie said...

I love the pictures and am so glad Little Chic had such a wonderful time. I'm sure you made sure she had a nice long shower when she got home!!