Thursday, August 23

House on Wheels

We all know how domestic duties are not among my favorites. I have enough problems keeping my floors respectable and laundry out of the overflow stage without having any extra work. And now we have a camper. It was nice while we were camping in it, but I'm not looking forward to any more housecleaning than I already do. Muh Main Man is generally a laid back kind of guy but he is getting a bit too demanding about the housekeeping issues associated with the little metal and canvas abode sitting out in our driveway. We have already scrubbed down the canvas inside and out, wiped down and vacuumed every surface and I've mopped the floor by hand. I think I might just move my stuff to live out there because now it's cleaner than my house is. The one nice thing about it is that I can collapse that thing down to the bare bones and park it for the winter and it'll be just as clean when we pull it out next summer. I wish I could do that with the kids' rooms when they get out of hand!

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