Wednesday, July 11

The Wild, Wild Outdoors

We have returned from our foray into the Adirondack forest, one of our favorite places to chill out. We headed into the deep woods on Saturday morning and poked our heads back into the real world this afternoon. It's always a good sign when the camping trip is over and the Short People are begging to stay for another day or two. We were especially happy that the wee ones enjoyed themselves on this trip since we have always taken chums along with us. This time, it was just us four and no more. We have two more trips to different areas of this biggest state park in the U.S. with one more just us and the last with camping buddies.

This was also our first pet-accompanied camping trip and we feared it might be too much trouble and extra work to make a habit. Lucky for us, DogSpot found that she loves the great outdoors, loves digging in vast amounts of dirt and loves critters that move. Fortunately the camping grounds are full of these things so she did just great. She is also a champion traveler and dog-napped pretty much the whole way up and back.

She even got into the neighborly camper role and decided to share her vittles in turn for a little entertainment. This little chipmunk visited her bowl over and over and it is the only one out of dozens that she didn't chase. Go figure!!

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

WOW! What a beautiful place to camp! So glad your whole team enjoyed the camping trip. And that dog-spot is just too cute!

maryellenhuff said...

Hey girl - I decided to try it again, well I'm on here and no problems so far - first time in a long time!

Maybe this will be like a car and a soon as you tell them about a problem you are having the problem goes away. "-)

Rochelle said...

Glad you all had a fun time....beautiful setting that's for sure!

Marissa Kay said...

Hey! So glad you had a good time and I bet your camping buddies missed the trip with you. Looks like you climbed a mountain of some sort. Way to go! The weather was SO muggy while you were gone, can't imagine the hike in the humidity, Glad you are home!