Tuesday, July 31

See What Ah Mean, Jellybean?

These are pictures that prove points made in my last few posts.

Here is Little Chic already looking homesick from me banishing her to summer camp for a week.

Then we have DogSpot who heard the ever-so-slight tinkle of keys moving and she dashed over to the door to insist that Mama was not going to get her hair done without company. It takes her but a micro-second to get her furry butt to the rug and parked in front of the door. You have to actually pick her up and move her to get out. There is no luring or tempting with treats. It's nice to know that somebody wants to be under my feet no matter where I'm going. I suppose I could look at it that way if I wanted to. I'm considering jingling those keys whenever I want her to come, because she certainly isn't responding to the verbal command.

2 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

I can tell that Little Chic is going to be so homesick. How will she ever make it all week?

Debbie said...

Oh my word! How could you Jennifer, let your baby girl suffer like that all week! ;-)

And that DogSpot seriously cracks me up, and she is just as cute as can be, I might add! But that last comment you made had me laughing right out loud!