Sunday, July 15

Instant Gratification

Although Muh Main Man has been a hardcore backpack camper for years, the fam took up the milder form of tent camping a few years ago. We trek into the wild Adirondack forest several times each summer and now our nice three-room tent is about ready to be replaced. I made an offhand comment that rather than purchasing a new tent, we might want to upgrade to a pop-up camper next spring when people are trading in for bigger models.

I think I made that comment yesterday morning about 11am as we were drying out the tents from our trip last week. By 3pm, we were down at the local RV center "just to look." By 8pm we were on a country road not too far away looking at a camper with a "For Sale" sign on the canvas. By 9pm Ebay was searching and Muh Main Man was bidding and I had a knot in my stomach. There was a list of available campers sitting on the counter from Craig's List. He would have called the owners on the spot but it was midnight. Sellers don't take kindly to being awakened in the middle of the night about their classifieds, you know?

Now I like to shop. I do. I even make an impulse purchase or two--but I limit it to a $12 bottle of new make-up or new kitchen gadget that I see on the rack - something like a silicone spatula. But when it comes to bigger purchases, I like to look first. I want to see everything that is available and get exactly the one I want. I hate buyers remorse and I get especially when I see Joe Blow with exactly what I wanted but didn't get because I didn't know it existed because I didn't look long enough....know what I mean?!

If Muh Main Man has his way, we'll be popping up this weekend instead of tenting it. I'm counting on some other husbands impulse buying the suitable campers out from under us so I can look a little longer.

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Debbie said...

Smile. Keep us posted, I want to know all about your pop-up adventure.