Tuesday, July 3

Immunizations....A Modern Dread for a 11-year-old

Brainy Boy is entering sixth grade and in New York at least, you have to get a booster of the Tdap shot before you can start school in the fall. The home school option was looking good to him this morning. Now generally, Brainy Boy is a tough cookie, has a high tolerance of pain and doesn't make too much fuss about injuries and such. But some vague memories of our rabies shots a few years back (they were not fun) and a bad experience with an inept phlebotomist a couple of months ago (I could have done better myself) caused him to have a case of the heebie-jeebies this morning. I have to say that he didn't do more than make a few of his classic dry humor quips, but I could tell he was dreading the poke.

Luckily it turned out to be much less traumatic than he anticipated and he is curiously waiting to see if the nurse was right when she said his arm would be sore tomorrow. It just so happened that we met our neighbor girl this afternoon and she just got her shot yesterday. She mentioned that it feels like her arm got punched and Brainy Boy asked if he could really punch her arm to see if it hurt. Needless to say, she declined.

Next year is going to be a real thrill because Little Chic has never recovered from the trauma of the rabies shots we got way back when, and getting shots and/or blood drawn is a serious exercise in preventing escape tactics with her. I'm thinking of saving that particular trip for Muh Main Man and he maybe he can talk the nurse into letting him do the honors. He's a wheeler & dealer like that.

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Debbie said...

Good for Brainy Boy! So glad he had a better experience this time around.

Sounds like Little Chick could have her dad wrapped right around her finger. Good for her, that's way too cool!

Anonymous said...

Camron got his a few weeks ago and it was NOT pretty. He will admit that "He screamed like a little girl". He tells everyone that! AND Yes he did!! THe nurse said, you can do whatever you want but move. Damon was in the room to laugh and taunt but as soon as he saw the needle, he ran outta the room LOL! Needless to say, they are both getting a HEP A booster in August and Camron MAY get the meningitis, they are recommending both for Camron, at least...ugh! Bribery works best!!!

Camron did have a swollen and black & blue arm for a few days too!