Monday, July 30

Eternal Passenger

Ever since the day we brought DogSpot home, we noticed what a good passenger she was in the car. She rode nicely, sitting still with the kids in the backseat so we decided to keep her used riding by taking her with us frequently for short errands around town. We did have one slight issue with the windshield wipers, but getting lots of treats while they whisk back and forth changed her mind to believe they are her friends after all.

Since we've been camping twice and she's driven over three hours one way several times, she has gotten used to the idea that whenever we are going someplace, she IS going along. I am noticing since our return last Wednesday, that every time the keys jingle, DogSpot comes running. If she is inside the house, she sits under the doorknob so it is impossible to get past her. If she is outside, she runs and sits on the front doormat so you trip over her as you are going out. She dashes to the car so you can't catch her and she tries to maneuver her way in so she can go along.

Most of the time I let her go if I'm not going to be gone too long. Once in a while I have to run inside the store, and I've been known to keep the car running (and also locked) so she doesn't get hot. She waits patiently in her own seat, looking at all the people coming and going and she sits nicely while I get back in the car. But a lot of times, it's just impossible to take her along. When she has to stay home, I give her a treat as she gets in her crate, but she just shoves it aside as if to say that she's really insulted and don't try bribing her with any ol' stinkin' treat!

I am going to get one of those corny seat covers for my passenger seat though. All that white hair is getting all over everything. And the beach towel I've been using just isn't cutting it! It's as bad as when I had babies barfing and pooping all over their car seats!! Well, okay, not quite as bad, but almost.

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

DogSpot is just too cute! And it's great that she's such a wonderful passenger.

Rochelle said...

Luca is kindof the same way. We have a detached garage & EVERY time we let her out the back door she runs to the garage (before she even pees!) cause she's DYING to get in the car! Cracks me up.

Lorikate said...

Didn't really know where else to say hi, so Hello! Nice to meet you! I've applied for a position where Toni used to work, I'm praying hard for that, it will be an answer to many things. Including our wedding date! (which I can't wait for!) Thanks for the comment, I'll see you around the blogging universe.. :)

Melanie said...

Dottie is like that too. She's a pretty good passenger and her hair is always all over. It's so hard to clean out too.