Friday, June 22

Train Me Up

I haven't posted a status-check on the clicker training that I am doing with DogSpot and I'm sure you are waiting with baited breath, so I'll indulge you in a little update. DogSpot is doing brilliantly whenever she determines that we are "in session" as long as we are in session at home. If we are the doggie school...that's another story entirely. We won't be admitting in this post that I have had the urge more than once to be a drop-out because of the fact that I'm a basket case by the time the 2 hour session is over every Monday. It's just a wee bit overstimulating for DogSpot and let's just say her concentration level leaves a bit to be desired when her classmates are around. We have been able to determine that the ruckus she puts up is because she actually likes the other puppies and wants to play, so that's a relief.

In spite of her Attention Deficit tendencies, she has successfully learned all sorts of things like sitting, lying down, waiting for permission to get a treat when it is in front of her nose, sitting nicely when we are getting ready to go outside and all those sorts of mannerly things that make her more pleasant to be around. The biggest obstacle is that her four-month old paws are particularly big and clumsy and half the time she steps on her treat and goes crazy sniffing all over the place, not realizing that it's in between her toes!

Oh, and after living with us and coming in to the same exact living room every day for a solid month, she has just discovered the stuffed coyote perched up on our fireplace mantle. Believe me, it's taken more than a few sniffing sessions to calm her down and she still hasn't realized the dumb thing is in the exact same position it has been all along. We're in trouble if it takes her that long to recognize an intruder should one come upon us.

4 of Your THINKS:

maryellenhuff said...

OK, so two things we know...don't ask your advice on potty training or dog training! Jen, you crack me up - at least these adventures let your readers chuckle at your sense of humor that comes through in your blogs - great stuff!

allana said...

Has anyone written a "Growing Dogs God's Way" book? :-) Hang in there....puppy won't be puppy forever.

Melanie said...

Oh how I wish I'd taken Dottie to doggie school! She is certainly lacking the manners department!!!!!

Debbie said...

What a great post, I needed this chuckle!