Monday, June 4

Back to School

Tonight starts a banner night of me learning how to train myself to get my dog to do what I want her to do. Not that there has been an overwhelming problem, mind you, but we want to keep things going in the right direction. As much as I loved and miss my HyperDog, there are a, traits that we know we want to avoid. Like jumping up to shoulder height on any living thing that darkens the doorway. Like sitting on your chest while you are watching tv. Like demanding any and all leftovers from the kitchen table. You know, that kind of stuff.

I've already about convinced myself that DogSpot is a genius with her doing splendidly on her potty training, being such a good passenger in the van and already knowing how to sit when we got her. But we do need to curb that puppy biting and nip that snatching her own helpings off the plates at the table.

So, off we go to clicker training. I can tell already--this is going to be stressful with my obsessive personality and all. I've already been clicking and treating and class hasn't even started yet--just to see how it works. And then worrying that I'm not doing it right and thinking I should have waited until the teacher showed me how to do it. And then deciding....nah, I'll just try it again....and again...and again....But what can I say? Her veterinarian recommended it!

PS--You saw it right...each of DogSpot's eyes are half brown, half blue. And no, she's not deaf.

4 of Your THINKS:

Diane said...

Wow, what cool dog eyes! One of my dogs has an eye like that, but not both. (He's not deaf either - I get asked that sort of thing a lot. "Can he see?" He's looking at you, isn't he?)

Melanie said...

And of course the rule about staying off the beds, right? Don't forget that rule! ;)

allana said...

The clicker training caught my attention. Does it work for kids? :-) Keep us posted on how well it does for your puppy.

Anonymous said...

I had to see for myself how cute she really is. So give her hugs from Maddie, Crystal and Ethan.