Tuesday, June 26

I Gotcha, I Gotcha Not

We have a dirty little problem in our house...it's of the rodent variety. I suspected as much a few days ago when I saw telltale doo-doo sprinkled in one of my cabinets. Our log house has occasionally been a haven for a field mouse or two, but it's usually in the dead of winter when they are seeking refuge from the bitter elements. I can't say as I've ever had one during the warm months. Since field mice tend to be very tiny and they easily escape from spring traps, I am a hardcore, hardhearted catcher and I skip straight to glue traps.

Well, this little bugger helped himself to three cookie bits and left only a few stray hairs on 3 glue traps. I upgraded last night and used a larger glue trap that Ehrlich gave us, thinking that as the mouse tried to free itself, it would get stuck fast on the larger spread of glue. Apparently the paper backing of this glue trap proved just as delicious as the cookie as did the corner edging of my cabinet trim...the blasted critter just ate himself free!I made a visit to the hardware store and bought two of the Better Mouse Traps so we'll see how he likes his treat tonight!

UPDATE- 6/27: The one sticky trap that was left had tons of evidence including poop all over, lots of fur but no rodent. The two BETTER traps sadly were marketing scams. They weren't better at all. Neither one was touched.

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think we were in high school together at BJA--I saw the note about your blog on classmates.com.

Cindy (Coggins) DeMarco

Debbie said...

That's too funny! Here's hoping your better trap gets er done. I’ll stay tuned.

Melanie said...

He's a smart one!

We had a mouse a couple of winters ago that moved into our garage. He chewed on some important part of my car and caused several hundred dollars worth of damage!