Tuesday, April 24

Where Did I Go?

I realize I haven't been here. Well, I've been here, but not HERE. I've been recovering from quite the intense emotional mom-experience that can only be had when something's not quite right with one's kid. Thankfully everything's fine, but it's not all right the way I like it to be all right - you know, completely back to normal. Quite a bit has happened in the last week starting with Brainy Boy's casts coming off (with Muh Main Man out of town and therefore unable to assure me that there was no reason to panic at the sight of Brainy Boy wobbling around). I watched Brainy Boy graduate from wheelchair, to crutches to one crutch. It's all been advancing smoothly but slower than I originally anticipated, which caused an initial reaction of self-doubt about the decision to have the surgery and immense heartache at seeing my boy struggle to do everything on his own. This included one heart-wrenching day watching him wheeling his own chair down the sidewalk with his backpack on his lap and trying to open the heavy doors of the school insisting that he needed no help from anybody. The biggest challenge was my determination to portray a relaxed composure and assure both the short people that everything was completely normal and that mom wasn't on the edge of freaking out with worry. That was coupled with a week scheduled to the point that the calendar nearly imploded on itself. So I gave y'all a break from having me sniveling every day and settled instead for one bit of a whine session now that I've gotten myself pulled back together.

Thankfully some good and exciting things happened while I was treading water to maintain my sanity -

1) Brainy Boy is quite thrilled with his crutches. He abruptly stops and gets into a bent-over stance while he aims a crutch at some imaginary enemy and breaks into loud machine-gun noises. I think he'll be a little disappointed when he has no excuse left to take them to school.

2) Little Chic and Brainy Boy's DI team placed fourth in NY state in their division. This was quite an accomplishment for a team of seven 9 and 10 year old kids who had to plan and implement their challenge with no adult help allowed.

3) My girlfriends from the PTA took me to lunch for my birthday (it's early yet). Oh, and I'm getting a pedicure on Monday....so the world actually is going to be all right.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Ok, so that explains it... I've looked for you every day, sometimes twice and it's so good to have you back! I actually felt a knot in my throat while reading about the special young man in your life. I love the way you write as I can almost feel it even though I've never walked in your shoes. Your writing is a gift and I for one enjoy it. You're one amazing mom doing one incredible job.

Congratulations to Little Chic and Brainy Boy's team, that's awesome!

maryellenhuff said...

I'm sure the whole experience has been harder on you than everyone else put together. It sounds like he's doing great and hopefully this will be the end of all pain and discomfort and the start of some fancy footwork for him!

Melanie said...

Glad you're back! I was beginning to wonder.
Good to hear that Brainy Boy is doing better. Congrats to Brainy Boy and Little Chic! What an accomplishment!! Oh, and enjoy the pedicure.