Monday, April 9

Ventures to the Great Outdoors

It actually seemed like a clever idea at the time. Lure Brainy Boy out to the yard in his wheelchair to engage in a war of Silly String with Little Chic. The bottles of blue and yellow string had lasted longer than 5 minutes in the Easter baskets as the stuff is only fun to play with if you have a partner.

We had to get Brainy Boy outside before Muh Main Man came home from work because he's already had experience getting the wheelchair up the porch stairs and he would have put the kibosh on the idea. I wheeled him out, had to make him crawl down the porch stairs so I could get the chair down and we successfully clamored back into the chair so we could go out into the yard.

A few lessons we learned while there -
1) Dog poo makes great wheel lubricant.
2) Silly string wars are most easily won when the wheelchair dumps its contents on the ground.
3) It is impossible to push a loaded wheelchair up the incline, so it has to be pulled.
4) Crawling up and down the porch stairs is much less risky than trying to wheel the boy and the chair up or down the steps.

I will say that when I was helping Brainy Boy get back into his chair after the rollover, he commented on how much stronger I am than Dad! Har-har.

4 of Your THINKS:

maryellenhuff said...

COME ON!!! Where are the pictures!?!?! I bet your main man's visiting Mother didn't offer to clean off the new wheel lubricant! "-) That last sentence was my favorite one of all - ha haaaaa!

Melanie said...

I can only imagine what that scene looked like! I too would love to see some pics!

Debbie said...

You just crack me up! Couldn't help but laugh.

Rochelle said...

That is a very FUNNY mental image there Jen. Sounds like you are getting a great workout out of all of this also :)