Saturday, April 14

So It Goes

I'm not a particularly regimented person - I totally love lists, plans and agendas but as I get older, I'm realizing that the allure for me is more in the planning, not the following through ;) But there is one routine that I do always follow, and that is going grocery shopping on Fridays. I scare myself sometimes when I realize that I have a set-in-stone routine that I break only in emergency. But the way I shop and cook, if I leave that task until later, we quickly become "food poor", as a girlfriend of mine says. I'm not a big stocker-upper, instead preferring to buy as I need each week.

Yesterday was no different and we were beginning to see the bottom of the cereal boxes, milk jug and bread loaf. However the Short People are off school and I'm generally accustomed to doing my shopping alone. I decided to forgo my morning trip and go during an afternoon team meeting they both had. This left me with a shorter-than-normal allotment of time, but I figured I could make it. I got the bare essentials and was scurrying across the very pot-holed parking lot when my organic, free-range brown eggs bounced out of the cart and completely smashed the eggs. Lucky for me, the nice cashier had bagged them in their own bag. And lucky for me, it was a $2.50/doz organic eggs that I've just converted to and not the $7.50/3 package of energy smart light bulbs I've just started buying. Don't tell me, but I think I'm going a little bit green. And that's not like me either. I'm scaring myself again.

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