Monday, April 16

Nothing to Gripe About

I had planned to indulge in a little bellyaching about this...(Little Chic is a teeny, tiny dark blob peering from under the branches) ...Until I heard about this. Kids we know attend this school.

Besides, how exciting is it to end Spring Break with a snow day on the day school stars back?! And Little Chic wouldn't have had time to build this all by herself. She says it wasn't nearly as much fun as if Brainy Boy had been able to help. Mean Mom put the brakes on and declined all pleas to figure out a way to get him outside covered adequately. The leg casts are just too wide to get snow pants on, or even a sock over those exposed toes. Besides, we've seen a little too much of this stuff for me to be sympathetic.

In the grand scheme of things, it's just the weather. Nothing to get upset about. Even on April 16. When it's supposed to be spring-like. What's a little snow among weather patterns? Especially when families are experiencing heartbreak today.

2 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

The shootings were so horrible!

All that snow just makes me chilly and glad to be in Texas....just remind of this when I gripe about the wretched heat this summer, ok?

The deer crossing story had me rolling!!

Debbie said...

That Little Miss Chic had quite the energy to build that mountain. At first I wondered how in the world she reached the summit and then realized "She Built The Summit". She's just too cute.

I was struck with such pain yesterday when I learned of the shootings. We couldn't bring ourselves to watch the news last night as we both were to upset to watch.