Tuesday, April 10

Making Strides

We had our first major outing today, much to Brainy Boy's chagrin. We ventured out to dinner last night, but he felt a little conspicuous and didn't really enjoy it. But today, we needed to take Grandma to the airport and Little Chic was dying to try her new Heelies at the mall, which is right near the airport.

Once we dropped Grandma off, Brainy Boy decided he would at least like to try one trip down the wheelchair ramp and he declared that double foot surgery isn't so bad when the airport is this much fun! Apparently he didn't feel the stares of many spectators and we even took the elevator up to the tower to see the view from above.

At the mall, the floor was very smooth and allowed for lots of speed-gaining down the ramps. The wheelchair didn't seem to be faring too well at times, as the tiny front wheels developed quite a vibration. We only had one instance of dumpage when reloading Brainy Boy into the van as he got in a hurry and went over the curb instead of down the handicap ramp (he gets very insulted at any insinuation that he might in any way be, even temporarily, handicapped).

I've gotten very proficient at getting him in and out of the house, finding that piggyback riding a 100-lb kid is infinitely easier than trying to either shove or pull a loaded wheelchair up the porch steps.

Little Chic, for her part, takes any and all opportunities to latch on to the handles of Brainy Boy's wheelchair while he wheels himself around, dragging her along behind on her Heelies. He's getting quite the set of pecs, that boy.

3 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

I am praying for very fast recovery! Post some pics of the fam!!

Debbie said...

Wow! I'd say he's graduated and turned a new leaf! That's right Panda-Mom, pictures would be great! I continue to pray for a great recovery for your dearest Brainy Boy.

Kimberly Neuenswander said...

As someone who deals with a wheelchair everyday, I have been enjoying your humor re: this experience. Using wheelchairs (for short periods or full time) makes you look at life and logistics in a whole new way. (like I will NOT be taking Mom on a trip to Europe!) And it helps to smile:)!