Thursday, April 26

Lose the Crutch

Brainy Boy had a banner morning, leaving home without his crutch and braving the school halls on his own. I figured it was about time as he was doing more phantom point & shoot with the thing than he was leaning on it for support. It may turn out that he is entirely tuckered out once physical therapy comes around at 3pm, but so far, so good.

Little Chic is heavily into the plans for Crazy Hair Day tomorrow so at this point, I'm not sure what styling techniques that will employ on my part, but we'll post a picture tomorrow.

For myself, I'm good and ready for the disability situation to be over around here as I seem to have taken on everybody else's chores. Brainy Boy got a much deserved reprieve from his normal duties, of course, but as you can imagine, it has seeped into every possible area and I'm doing all sorts of picking up after everybody now. The jail warden is about to rear her ugly head, so everybody beware....

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Melanie said...

Can't wait to see the Crazy Hair Day pics!