Wednesday, April 4

Fleet Feet

Fleet feet is hopefully what Brainy Boy will have after his bilateral foot surgery today. Due to his pain-inducing flat feet, he had spacer implants put into the arch area of both feet and is now in a double cast for 2 weeks. After that, he'll start physical therapy for Achilles stretching of his insanely tight tendons.

Surgery went well-better than expected actually. Other than a brief bout of nausea from the anesthesia, he's felt almost back to normal and is enjoying his choice seating with wheels immensely. He has declared over and over "Man, this wheelchair is just SO COM-fortable!" He's been sitting in it for 7 straight hours now, foregoing the comfort of the couch or his bed. I can see that X-box is going to play a primary role in his recovery process. The highlight of the experience was that the anesthesiologist let Muh Main Man put in the IV for Brainy Boy's medication, which Brainy Boy loved.

Muh Main Man is particularly glad that the surgery is done and over with as evidenced by the statement he made this morning as we were readying to make the trek to the hospital. "I hope after this is over, you'll be in a better mood," he dared quip. "Muwah?!" I was shocked. "Whatever do you mean?" I asked. He came back with "Well, you've been a total crab for the whole last week." Hey, I'm a mom, worried about her kid. I've got my reasons.

Now I can stop worrying over the surgery and start fretting about how tough the physical therapy is going to be with stretching out that Achilles and all. It's my job. I'm a planner. What else can I say?

5 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Sooo glad that Brainy Boy came thru it so well. I was saying my prayers for him yesterday! Nice that Main Man was able to save the anesthesiologist from sticking a needle into a is one of our LEAST favorite jobs becaause the child somehow always holds it against you!

Debbie said...

So happy Brainy Boy had successful surgeries. And happy to hear he's getting along quite well with 4 feet now. Does the wheelchair qualify for 4 feet?

Melanie said...

Great news that Brainy Boy's surgery went well. We'll continue to pray for him during his recovery and physical therapy.

Anonymous said...

Glad it's over and everything went well. I am usually sullen also when Connor is facing anything big, whether it be surgery, a change in therapy, pre-school starting, so you are completely normal in your feelings. Hope PT goes as well as surgery did.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a quick recovery! Camron says HI!!!