Saturday, February 3

She's a Jolly Clever One

Little Chic has just been full of the funniest quips in the last couple days, which is actually a little out of character for her. A couple of her outstanding qualities are her compassion and generosity, but I think she's been hanging with her brother a bit more than usual because she's been keeping me laughing the last couple of days.

We made a quick stop into Target today to see if we could find another one of the "rare" Littlest Pet Shop toys that she's been looking for and we scored again. It always amazes me how we are always finding the "most rare" ones. We must be extra lucky or something.

On the way out of the store, I pointed out that she'd pretty much depleted her spending money, and I commented that I hoped she was happy with what she'd bought. She came back with "Mom, I'm as happy as a farmer that gets a six-legged cow." I had to look at her face to figure out whether or not that was a good thing - it was.

Before we reached home, she had disassembled all the packaging and finally gotten the little buggers out of the wrapper with the much-needed help of some nail clippers. The result was a mess of plastic, paper and rubber bands all over the car seat. Realizing I wouldn't let her come in the house till all the trash was picked up, she said "I really wish I had a Danny Tanner around here. He'd clean up this mess for me." It just so happens that Danny Tanner is the clean-freak dad on the TV show Full House that Little Chic loves to watch. I really wish I had one of him around here too. I could use a little neat-freakishness.

4 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

She has been cracking me up as I've been reading about all the funny things she is saying...and I'm glad we out here in blog world get to enjoy her hilarity with you!

Debbie said...

That 'Little Chic' is cracking me up!

Panda-Mom said...

Sounds like Little Chic and I would get along great! I am usually the one with quick one-liners!

Laurie said...

Baahahahahhahah! Snortchucklesnort!
Okay...more the wife of a former-farmer, I am not so sure a 6-legged cow would have produced the same grins and giggles and warm fuzzies in my farmer that it gave Little Chic, but glad it did. Gave me the grins and giggles just reading about it! Steve will get a kick out of this. Kids truly do say the darndest things!