Thursday, February 1

Rough Start, Banner Finish

The day is in danger for sure when one wakes up and realizes the 'dream' they've been having for the last 45 minutes was actually them hitting the snooze button until they are dangerously late. This is bad enough when one is in charge of their own schedule - but when they have power over others as well.....let me tell you, it's not pretty.

I woke with a start, realized that I had surpassed my usual 30 minutes of hitting the snooze and I was 20 minutes late getting the kids up. (Hero Guy adamantly argues that hitting the snooze over and over does NOT give the feeling of sleeping in, but I totally disagree). I dashed downstairs to disclose the news that cold cereal would have to do and that would only work if it was shoveled in at record speed (no applause for a hot breakfast--they usually have toasted waffles and/or instant oatmeal--their choice, not mine). We hurled ourselves out the door somehow on time, and I screeched into the school parking lot right behind the buses.

Just as I got back home, I learned that Hero Guy was still in bed from a bout of food that didn't agree with him yesterday (something he got at work, not from me!). I settled in to get my day started with my usual routine and the phone rang - caller ID said "school". Turns out that in our rush, Little Chic had forgotten her viola and needed it within the hour. Not willing to totally humiliate myself and show up inside the school building sans shower (they really can't tell whether you've had one or not through the car window when you're dropping kids off) I took a quick one and headed back out the door.

The day did get better from there. Hero Guy recovered enough to go to work, I ditched the transcription for a while and headed to the Christian bookstore, and when I got home and finally sat down to work, realized that I've typed in four days what I normally do in two weeks (I usually only work 3 hours a day or so). To top it off, the kiddos and I laughed our fool heads off while we watched the American Idol that we taped last night.

Tomorrow will be off to a much calmer start, I'm sure. There is no school due to Superintendent's Day, so I can legitimately sleep in if I want. Little Chic is firmly insisting that she is sure they are off school for Groundhog's Day since that is a national holiday, after all. Whatever the reason, count me in for a long weekend.

3 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

I drop off my kids every single morning in my PJ's...hope there is never an emergency or I'll be one red faced mommy. :-0 It's still worth that extra twenty minutes of sleeping not to get up and get dressed before school, after all I have ALL day to do that! :-)

Sounds like you guys need to make a trip down here and thaw out, warm up, get some sun at the beach, etc. Come on down!

Debbie said...

Enjoy your nice long weekend, you deserve it!

Liveleantoday said...

I used to be a big snooze person before my little girl who is 2 came into my life. I am now up at 6 am everyday even Saturday and Sunday. My energy has never been better when I get up the same time everyday.